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Our Mission

Our mission is to build the biggest offerwall network in the industry by leveraging our proprietary best-in-class technology helping publishers and advertisers alike to deliver on their goals.

Publishers can monetize their audience using mobile offerwall SDKs, native offer feeds, web offerwalls or APIs to yield some of the highest eCPMs industry wide.

Advertisers can leverage a various set of downstream events like CPC, CPV, CPI, CPA, CPS or CPE to take full control of their ad campaigns and reach ROAS goals.

We are an experienced team of motivated entrepreneurs with several years of experience in advertising, online gaming, e-commerce, big data, pricing, and app development.

Meet the Team

David Heuer

Pascal Ludynia

Florian Brede

Justus Mache

Till Grüning

Ivan Marinkovic

Zoran Stankovic

Alina Dettmer

Maximilian Koch

Ellen Reither

Hong Van Pham

Oskar Wiesiolek

Svenja Neuse

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